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Any design project, large or small, can come with a lot of questions and requires a lot of decision-making. This process can be overwhelming and confusing to manage on your own. As an Interior Designer, I carry the experience and knowledge to bring your design vision to life. Having an Interior Designer serve in your project is all about having a knowledgeable partner to guide you through the process. It is the key to ending up with a home you will love coming home to.

$225 - 1 hour

Design Consultation

Consultation for project management:

  • ​Discuss your vision

  • Design challenges

  • Discuss design process

  • General design advice

  • Discuss Fees

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Email Kelly

$225 - 1 hour

Color Consultation

Consultation to assist with paint selection:

  • Discuss the colors & finishes in your home

  • Discuss lighting

  • Interior: Study your furnishings, flooring, art and accessories

  • Exterior: Study style of your home, brick, masonry, siding, roof & architectural details

  • Create a paint palette

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Give her a call

(925) 290-7146

$650 - 2.5 hours

DIY Design Consultation

A one-time consultation where we:

  • Discuss your vision

  • Design challenges

  • Color Scheme

  • Paint Colors

  • Space planning & arrangement

  • Room measurements (if needed)

  • Design advice

  • Furniture Suggestions

  • Home styling tips

  • Artwork placement

  • Window treatments

  • Lighting options

  • Detailed notes

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Visit her at her studio

154 E Prospect Ave, Ste A

Danville, CA 94526

3 ways to book

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