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In-Home Consultation

Suburban House

Seeing your space, how you live and what your wants and needs are is the first step to truly bringing your vision to life. Let's meet, chat, evaluate and share ideas. The design process differs depending on whether your project is furnishings or kitchen and bath. Once we decide to work together, the fun begins!



Design Concept

Another appointment will be made to measure and sign contracts. Then the design concept begins. In this phase, you will be presented with a design concept based on your project using materials such as: fabric, rug, paint and wood finish samples, cabinetry and fixture samples and a lookbook with proposed furniture photographs. Depending on the scope of work, this will take 1-2 weeks. From here we make the tweaks necessary and the final design plan begins.


In this phase, we get to shop! And shop some more. Tradesmen will be secured, selection and specification of all design elements will be made: i.e. materials, cabinetry, finishes, furniture, fixtures, art, rugs, accessories, lighting and window coverings. Then we place orders and we hurry up and wait...


Design Plan

Coworkers plan work

And then we wait some more. The average wait time is ever-evolving, post-pandemic.On average, furniture, through my own manufacturer, and design materials take 6 to 8 weeks. Some of the larger manufactures and select custom work is taking up to 24 weeks. We are hopeful these lead times will shorten the further from the pandemic we get. 

Once all design elements are in, we will schedule an install date for furniture projects or construction commences for kitchen and bath projects. 

Old-Fashioned Clock

Waiting Game


Finishing Touches


After installing all the good stuff, we style, accessorize and create the perfect sanctuary for you and your family.


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